Places Where You Can Find Comp Reviews

Don’t think you’ve got this one? The Rest of Your Mice

I presume I am allowed to mention my own blog:

Two other links:

Michael Martin

I’ve started.


I’ll be mentioning a few things here:

Here’s mine. … IFComp2014

I am currently writing a couple of short reviews over at The Good Old Days.

George Dorn

Doing my reviews at a new place this year. Also writing reviews of this year’s Windhammer Prize gamebook competition, which may be of interest to some people.

Here you have the collected German language reviews on, updated daily.

Got 2 more:

Putting up some short reviews on my tumblr!

Masterpost here:

Hey, for the ifcomp reviews, can you use this link instead for my blog (Liz England):

I write a bunch on games design and the game industry, so that will prevent off-topic articles from popping up when you just want ifcomp commentary.

My brief and possibly-incoherent reviews: (Link via the tag rather than individual entries so that the spoiler-cuts are visible – you can expand reviews for individual games separately.) … e-fiction/

Dumb as I am, I just realized I posted my reviews with no spoiler break. Sorry for the inconvenience. The error stand now corrected.

I’ve posted my first short reviews:

I’ve put up my first IFComp 2014 review here:

My IFComp 2014 recap, “IF is Dead. Long Live IF.” In Twine. Because. … ve-if/play

Awesome. This was fun to read.