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Way to go on that planting round everyone! Folks sowed 99 seeds, including auto-re-enrolled and manul re-submissions! That is a bodacious bounty of seeds for this year’s comp!! I would also like to remind folks that we’ve significantly expanded the sprouting round for this year’s comp. In fact, it just opened today and will be open for 3 entire months. Literally!

3 months

The trade off with such a hearty disbursement of seeds is perhaps feeling a bit overwhelmed as to which and how many to select for your project. So I thought perhaps seeing them listed and discussed here, a couple at a time, might be more accessible than navigating through various itch pages. Sort of like a review thread, but more so general thoughts and musing. I wanted to give each seed a little space to breathe and maybe a chance to woo someone willing to nurse it to maturity.

Reviewing seeds should also be much less time-consuming than reviewing games, so I was also hoping this might encourage others to maybe do the same. Given the relatively small size of most of the seeds, as I discuss them I’ll be replicating them here in full (under a detail dropdown) as much as possible. That way readers don’t need to go back and forth to take part. Please feel free to share your thoughts and feelings as well. I’m hoping for this to be a group exploration. Oh, and I’ll focus entirely on seeds I did not author, for obvious reasons.

Here we go!

Content Warning: A Seed by @catskets.
Text - Theme or Moral.
Ironically no Content Warnings.
Project Page


a seed, not a game, for seedcomp. a list of content warnings, some from fanfiction, some from my mind, some from the depths of memory. use at least two of these in your seedcomp game.


contentwarning.pdf (802.8 KB)

First of all, one of the things that makes this seed brilliant isn’t even the seed itself; it’s the small detail included in the blurb. Rather than expecting a perspective author to somehow utilize the entire list of content warnings, they instead encouraged folks to pick two or more. This allows this seed to be layered on top of a variety of other seeds in an astonishing variety of ways. Really appreciate seeing seeds designed with a “Yes, and…” philosophy!

As for the seed itself, I first want to appreciate the format. This could have been a simple text seed, just a list of content warnings. It would have accomplished the same goal. But no! The author took the extra effort to render it on a handsome background, and then cast the content warnings across them like seeds cast upon the ground. Your eye rambles across it instead of lawnmowering it like normal text. In fact, I had to read it a few times before I stopped finding entries I had previously missed.

I really enjoy the range of the content warnings. You have the legitimately horrible, the absurd, the comical, the bizarrely specific, all each begging to be interpreted in different ways. Well done on making a very versatile seed! Looking forward to seeing how people decide to use it. :grin:

Anatomical Angel by @AmandaB.
Images - Artwork.
Content Warnings: Nudity, gore
Project Page


Warning! These images contain nudity and internal human anatomy that people may find gross.

An artwork seed for SeedComp. The original painting-- L’Ange Anatomique– is by Jacques-Fabien Gautier Dagoty, done in 1746 and is in the public domain. Image available here for download.

My reinterpretation of the painting, also called Anatomical Angel, is also available for download. Media: paper, pen, paint, silk hand embroidery on canvas, bones, fabric, wood. I retain all rights to the image, but give permission for its use and/or modification as cover art or game art for a SeedComp game.

The original painting is fascinating for sexualizing even women’s internal organs, but it’s also beautiful, elevating an anatomical study into art. My version attempts to retain this feeling of sexualizing women literally to death, but to expand the concept.

Seed (Reminder- NSFW):

Original Public Domain Painting:

The Reinterpretation:

First of all, wow! The mix of textures and materials, including real bone, and the palatable depth of the 3D result is very impressive. I highly encourage everyone to download the image and zoom in. The detail just keeps going, down to the individual words of the prose printed on her skin to what her hand is resting on to the very expression on her face. The presentation with the curtains and the shadow box, drawing attention to how she’s on display, and the legitimately beautiful embroidery, all just underline how much attention and love went into this piece.

On from that, the subject material is unapologetically bold, and embraces the visceral reality most avoid thinking about; the truth that we’re all actually slimy grey skull slugs piloting around in grotesque muscular-skeletal meatsuits. But she goes beyond that, and tries to capture the inherent beauty beyond the grotesque. For whatever it’s worth, I was already a fan of this author’s previous games, but I’ll now be following up any other artwork I can find by them as well.

As a couple last points, I appreciate the peek into the studio, intended or not. Seeing the cubbies, pegs, handtools, and rough plywood desk is nice. There’s something very pragmatic about it; it reminds me of my Dad’s workshop when I was a child. Also, I really appreciate looping in existing public domain work which really captures the spirit of Seedcomp. On top of that, including the material itself to see the before and after really just adds to the whole thing. While I know a variety of titles from other provenances could repurpose such a thing as a cover image, I’m low key hoping this nails someone in the feels and they take it as a central inspiration for a game. Either way, thank you for sharing this; I think it is cool as hell! :grin:

Again, please feel free to comment or offer your own interpretations. I am not an authority by any means! I’ll remind everyone that the individual project pages allow both comment and ratings outside of the comp, so if you’d like to, I encourage you to take advantage of that as well (they also grant you access to other works by the same authors as we go along :wink:). I’ll be following up with another pair of seeds sometime soon.

(P.S. I know that the site is down right now. Actively tinkering with it. Not a webbuilder by trade, so taking me longer than it should. Sorry for the inconvenience. Edit: Still tinkering, but the last year’s site should be visible again in the meantime.)


Thanks for the kind words!

I use antique medical books (I like the 1840-1900 range) for the background skin of my extremely exposed nudes; I especially like early books on female health (I swear to you that there is an 1879 book called Man’s Strength, Woman’s Beauty that is my favorite and it was actually written by a doctor). I don’t cut up good books; these are incomplete and/or damaged, and none of them are valuable. They are amazingly, tragically, horribly wrong in nearly every respect, absolutely repulsive reading. Yet also weirdly beautiful in their language. The text was carefully selected.


I looked at several that didn’t speak to me, then read the seed for “Comfort Food” and picked that. It was already aligned with a project I started some time ago (a cooking game show, simulated in Inform) but this seed put some limits on the concept which I felt would make it more do-able.

I’ve always loved cooking, and feel this could be the antithesis to my 2008 classic “Afflicted” which was about a vampire infested kitchen.


That is terrible and awesome all at the same time. I had assumed the text had been reproduced. The fact that you’re sourcing original print is amazing.

I’m glad you found something that works for you! Good luck!



Weirdcore Inspiration by Knight AnNi
Other - Premise.
(Additional info on type: My seed is a combination of text and images. It is a series of four weirdcore images that I made. Each contains text to inspire a potential story. I find weirdcore images with text to be very inspiring for stories, so I decided to make some, too.)
Content Warnings: Some Eyestrain
Project Page


I’ve always found weirdcore images to be very inspiring for my stories and games, so I made a few images to inspire you guys!

Each of these images is a personal photo that I edited in Photoshop.

You free to use these images in your next project or as inspiration. I only ask that you give me credit and a link back to this page.

Submitted as part of the interactive fiction SeedComp! jam, planting round.

Seed (Reminder- Some Eyestrain):

Image: Grainy image of a wooded roadway with a starburst centered over where the road disappears in the distance. In the top left corner are the words “i have loved you more than anything”. In the bottom right corner, are the words “i will miss you” repeated several times, sometimes overtop of each other.

Image: There’s an outdoor entrance to a brick building of some kind, municipal or commercial, perhaps a school? It appears to be a secondary or back entrance under an overhang or shelter. The metal door is highlighted by a prominent question mark. In the foreground, there appears to be another entrance down some steps, highlighted with the words “you forgot about this part, didn’t you?”. In the bottom right corner are the words:
“that’s alright. i’m sure it won’t be anything like last time.” These words are struck through.

Image: A dark hallway lined with cinderblock walls and metal firedoors stretches forward before it disappears into the distance. Perhaps a hospital or an asylum? At the bottom of the image are the words “I can’t tell you how long I’ve waited for this moment.”.

Image: A solid image of greenery and trees only broken by a glimpse of blue sky near the top is hard to place; deciduous, but whether tropical or temperate is impossible to place. In the bottom right corner is the silhouette of individual. Besides a basic humanoid shape, no details can be discerned. They appear to be made up of blue and purple striations, similar, but distinct from the texture of the background greenery. Next to the individual, in a way that suggests attribution, are the words “Now listen carefully, because I’m only gonna say this once.”.

My favorite of the four, to cut to the chase, is the hallway scene. There’s something terribly familiar and awful in that scene. It feels like every faceless public building built by the lowest bidder I’ve ever encountered. It’s ominous, and the words, innocent on their own, read decidedly ominous in this context.

They are all wonderfully ambiguous, leaving the reader with more questions than answers. My second favorite is the mystery door with the second entrance down the steps. The sarcasm indicated by the strikethrough and the dread induced by suggesting something awful already happened here, and might happen again, is palpable. I would happily make a game from any of these weirdcore images and I’m excited to see what directions people might take them.

Crystal Sprouts by ilustreco.
Text - Worldbuilding.
Project Page


This is a setting in a distant land, with floating islands, ancient stories and sprouts.

A small worldbuilding piece (a seed, you might even say), with two of my original illustrations. This was made for the SeedComp! Jam - planting round.

Feel free to use it in whatever this inspires to, I hope it can serve as a little seed for imagination to sprout, to create stories, games or whatever pieces creativity allows.


seeds!comp (1).pdf (215.3 KB)
I’m including the text below, but be aware there are 2 small illustrations included on the PDF, even if the text is the main thrust of the seed:

Crystal Sprouts
In these far away lands, rare plants on the top of
floating islands are said to sprout tiny crystals within
their roots. Legends and myths roam the valleys,
promising magic and endless possibilities to bend the
fabric of reality for those who can harness the energy
from these crystals, which most people have never
even seen.
There are rumors of foreign merchants, who claim to carry magical goods and
potions made from crystal dust, and even some who claim to have caged the
energy itself, being ready to use by those who offer enough in exchange.
Other rumors, even older, tell of strange creatures who inhabit the floating
islands, and seem to care for the plants, acting as guardians of the crystals.
Cautionary tales for children present these guardians as having a civilization of
their own, as old as time itself, living through means none of us can
comprehend. ‘Maybe they are the weavers of reality’, some say. Others shush
these foolish ideas, as ‘they are simply from another dimension’, as if that was
more belivable.
Now it’s up to you. Take these sprouts and create.
What do these crystals really do?
What are they?
Who are the guardians of the floating islands?
Do the merchants really own crystal powered
How did they get it?
What do they want?
We hope these seeds allow your imagination to
sprout adventures and stories in these distant

Images: Two small illustrations. One image is of a faceless individual in a cloak standing on a small floating island grasping a plant sprouting from the surface. A glowing lantern hangs from the plant. The second image is of an individual in a clock, with long braided hair, pointed ears, and a delicate face of indeterminate sex. They carry a lantern and a stick over their shoulder serving as a sort of hobo’s bindle. The difference is, instead of a handkerchief, crystals and a larger lantern hang from it. Small leafy branches appear to hang from the bottom of the larger lantern.

First of all, I love how much this entry leans of hearsay. Rather than tell the reader something is or isn’t so, they instead refer to what some people say, even including the refutations of others. It leaves it so very ambiguous and open to interpretation. Are the merchants exploiting a rare resource, or are they frauds? Perhaps they’re both! Good choice in framing.

Next, the illustrations. There’s a simple whimsy to it that fits high fantasy but would also be welcome in a children’s story. Like the illustrations from Shel Shilverstein’s books meet the illustrations from the E. Nesbit’s Five Children and It. I’d be highly interested in seeing more artwork from this creator.

I realized this time around I wasn’t being accessible to those using screen readers. I corrected for that and will circle back around to add image descriptors to my first post as well (as best I can; Amanda’s image will prove difficult to summarize).


Inside out woman grows brain flowers onstage.

Edit: I confess I wonder what Midjourney would do with such a prompt, although I swore off playing with it when I realized how upsetting it was to many people.



The original painting is fascinating for sexualizing even women’s internal organs, but it’s also beautiful, elevating an anatomical study into art.

Have you read the short story Loop by Douglas E. Winter? I found it in the 1995 horror-compilation Dark Love.

Cover of Dark Love; twenty two all-original tales of lust and obsession.