Phil Riley's Public I7 Extension Repo

I’m starting to go through and post some of the extensions I’ve made for my own use. The github repo is at

The first one I’ve published is Walls, which provides for intelligent interaction with walls throughout an entire story, with descriptions, touching, etc., and distinguishing between indoor, outdoor, and “floating” (in a void perhaps) rooms.

Thursday I plan to publish the companion extensions Floors and Ceilings which accomplish the same things for, well, floors and ceilings. These and a few others are included in a “meta-extension” called Polish aiding in “polishing” a story with all those little custom messages you might forget.

I’m very open to criticism and suggestions.


Added Ceilings.i7x. Does for ceilings what Walls.i7x does for walls. Finally “look up” will do something!

Edit: oops. Just realized I copied the wrong docs in. Will be updated soon.


Added Floors.i7x, whose name should be self-explanatory, and Can’t Go That Way.i7x, which enables easy customization of can’t go that way messages.


I branched the repo for development on Inclusive Gender Options, an update of Gender Options by Nathanael Nerode which supports non-binary genders, as well as the singular they pronoun.


Feel free to submit these to the main repository: GitHub - i7/extensions: Inform 7 extensions -- some may be ready for public use, others may be barely working experiments. Enjoy!