Peterkin Investigates Games

Did anyone save their copies of Christopher Huang’s Peterkin Investigates games? The IFDB points to a Web site that’s gone.

The games are named “Mustard, Music, and Murder,” “Point Blank Blank,” and “Labour’s Letters Lost.”

A Web search just finds references to a novel called A Gentleman’s Murder.

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It looks like at least Labour’s Letters Lost was preserved by the Internet Archive:

EDIT: The first was also archived, though apparently only partially:

The second does not seem to have been archived at all.

Thanks, but it looks like the only game file that was archived was encoded in Base64 for Parchment, so it won’t run in the regular 'terps.

Maybe Christopher will upload the games to the IF Archive sometime.


I have not yet tried downloading it, and am only on mobile right now, but it seems like passing it through a base64 decoder should produce the original file, shouldn’t it?

Yes, that format – a file that starts with processBase64Zcode – is easy to unconvert using base64.

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That worked. The blorb wrapper disappeared, but the game didn’t need it.

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