Peter Nepstad's interview with Stay Forever Podcast (video)

Note: This video contains a spoiler for a puzzle in 1893: A World’s Fair Mystery.

Peter Nepstad (1893, Ecdysis, Slap That Fish) recently did an interview with Stay Forever, a German podcast dedicated to retro gaming.

The majority of the interview focuses on 1893, and while some of the topics have already been covered in Get Lamp, it is still a very interesting interview. Nepstad goes into a lot of detail on a canceled prototype of 1893 that featured a time traveling main character and a more whimsical storyline. He also talks about his idea for a planned 1893 sequel that never developed.

And of course he makes sure to mention Slap That Fish, because Nepstad will never pass up an opportunity to remind people that he invented “interactive fiction Mortal Kombat.”