Periodically locked out

It seems like I get locked out of the forum about once a month.

I usually follow links in email notifications to open pages from individual threads. This morning was typical:

I followed one link and opened a thread successfully. I then went to my next notification and followed the link, only to reach a login page for the forum. I tried logging in but was told my password was incorrect. I tried a couple other passwords, including the one sent to me during my last reactivation attempt, and was unable to log in. I was asked to fill in the captcha information several times, and I believe I even saw notice once or twice that I needed to fill it in even though there was no captcha question to answer. Finally I gave up and clicked the “forgot password” link to start over again. I’ve had do do this once every month for the past 4 months (on 9/17, 10/05, 11/08, and today).

What’s going on? Is there something phishy here, is the login system fussy or buggy, or am I doing something wrong?

I’ve had this a few times before, though not (touch wood) for a while now. My password won’t be recognised or I’m told my captcha entry is incorrect. Sometimes, I keep on persistently trying and in the end it lets me in – using the same password I always use, even though it told me this was wrong the last umpteen times I tried it. Other times it doesn’t work and I have to reset my password.

Hm. I haven’t had any trouble with it. There’s nothing in the phpBB3 verification system that should be causing it, either. Does it do the same thing if you try logging in through a different browser? Maybe something is happening to the login cookie or something is corrupting the POST data? Not likely, but really the only thing I can come up with, unless they’re doing some kind of periodic maintenance. But again, I can’t think of anything they’d be doing that would cause that specific problem.

I also don’t access pages through email, so I can’t say. I either go to “View Unread Messages” from the forum index or hit posts from RSS, since I can’t convince anyone to get some tapatalk love.

And CAPTCHA is just questionable and problematic anyway. Having problems with it isn’t surprising at all.

This has never happened to me. But then, I have turned off email notifications for everything but private inbox messages, and I basically never get those. So I figure the issue is confined somehow to the structure of the links that are embedded in the emails.


I don’t access the forum via mail-links either, and I haven’t had this issue for the year or so that I’ve been on the forum. Evidence is building up against those links as the culprit.