Performance with so many passages

Twine Version: 2.3.9
Story Format: SugarCube 2.33.2

im using tweego-stup, is there any limited passages i must had before it became so laggy ?

Hi caberg.

To be honest, i dont have a clue. Im pretty new with Twine myself too. But your question is something i would like to hear some responses too.

Currently my game…well interactive adventure book contains

77715 Characters
12832 Words
100 Passages
137 Links

and about 1/3 is done. So if there is some limits etc. i would like to know.

Thanks, EK

Ok, we use different stuff. Im with Twine & sugarcube.

@caberg Unless I’m misunderstanding what you’re asking. With Tweego, you’re unlikely to hit a number of passages where I’d consider it laggy when compiling.

@Ek_Bass Twine 2’s laggy behavior is mostly an effect of its story map—at least that’s what’s normally complained about—and that’s currently mostly a factor of how many connection arrows need to be drawn rather than the number of passages, though that’s probably also a factor.


Ok, thanks TheMadExile.

I dont think my game will be even near the biggest there has made with Twine. And atleast for now, even with the worst lag of connections it starts up in a heartbeat. I was just curious, if there is some known limit which after the software can start to bug on. Like thousand or so.

From a few comments I’ve seen, it’s around 700 or so passages before the Twine editor gets too laggy, but that will vary depending on your computer and the number of passage links as well.

so the point is, tweego had unlimited passage not to worry about ? because the limited is only for twine editor because of so much arrows render. lol

Correct, the number of passages doesn’t really affect Tweego.

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Ok, thanks HiEv.

I think +500 passages sounds pretty good for this kind of tool. After all, there is usually lots of variables and such in the background.

Thanks for the hint.

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