Pentiment is a really good game!

I am here today to shill for Pentiment, which is so good. It’s not IF - it’s uh, art heavy, being styled after an illuminated manuscript and also extremely pretty - but I think the overlap between the IF crowd and the audience for the game is likely pretty heavy.

Anyways, Pentiment’s a game about a fictional 16th century Bavarian village, Tassing, where a visiting nobleman is murdered, and you, a journeyman artist, have to help solve the murders. Here are some fun things you can do:

  • Discuss literature with the nun in charge of the library! (On the Aenid: “It’s fine poetry. For men.”)
  • Eat with peasants, townsfolk, monks, and the miller that everybody hates with an exciting dinner minigame! (That sounds like I’m doing a parody but it’s real and it’s awesome!)
  • Offer people unsolicited legal advice because you failed out of your law degree but still feel the need to apply your somewhat incomplete knowledge! (This mostly annoys people.)
  • Dig up a monk’s grave! (Well the abbot didn’t not say we could dig it up.)
  • Try not to talk about Martin Luther at dinner! (A difficult task, in certain company.)

To be honest I’m not sure there’s enough people here who’ve played it to actually discuss it but again, if you look it up and it seems at all interesting to you, let me vouch now for its extremely quality.


A link might help.

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I’ve had my eye on this since it seems extremely up my alley - very glad to hear it lives up to its promise! Definitely will pick it up once my backlog clears a bit.

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finished this game over the weekend and I’m still thinking about it. Folks here will really enjoy it, I think.

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I find it interesting that you said ”it’s not IF”… :slight_smile:
Sure it’s not ”text-only” IF but it’s most definitely an Interactive Fiction game!
And yeah, it’s a magnificent achievement by Obsidian.