PDP 11/70 Emulator in JavaScript

So this guy, Paul Nankervis, recreated the PDP 11/70 in JavaScript. And it works!

I asked him if he could get DUNGEO and ADVENT working on one of his boot disks (he lists several) and he did it last night.


If you boot the RT11 disk, you can then RUN DUNGEO or RUN ADVENT…

And I will tell you this is the first thing I ever did on any computer ever, so it’s pretty nostalgic intense for me.

The version of DUNGEO he found is missing an end game and has a simple parser, but it seems to be what I remember. I assume a later version had the end game, but I don’t know about the parser bit.

The ADVENT is great! The lack of a backspace is annoying but can be worked around, and it’s fun seeing some of the changes before the “canonical” 350-point version.

So far I’ve noticed there’s no rusty door near the eggs in this one; any other differences people have come across?

What does one type to “boot the RT11 disk”? Some blind guessing has not worked out.

EDIT: Apparently typing “boot rk1” will do the trick.


(RK1 is the RT11 boot disk as shown below the console.)

EDIT: exactly


It works amazing. It has always been my dream running ADVENT on PDP 11/70 system.
Truly a marvelous work.

Very neat! Thanks for sharing that, Dave.