PDF version of I7 I6T content?

Is there someplace to get PDF versions of the contents of the various I6T files for Inform, or better yet an integrated document with all of them together? I know that there are web-based versions for 10.1, but I just prefer PDFs for reference.

I know I once came across a PDF called “INFORM 7: The Program” (over 2000 pages) documenting the compiler for version 5Z71. Is there anything like that for 6M62?

Unfortunately I don’t know of any.

But, it shouldn’t be too hard to produce, because inweb (the tool that makes the website) can also output PDF files, and it’s now open source along with the rest of the program. I’ll see if I can figure out how to make one tonight.

The Internet Archive of inform7.com has an old I6 Template Layer for 6F95 text file and PDF tar.gz archive.

inweb can generate TeX output that targets PDFTeX so it should be reasonably doable for v10.

Personally, I consider that here Linux has a definite advantage. The main usefulness of .pdf vs multi-file .html is global searching (and this is why I kept handy the .pdfs of the two TADS 3’s multi-file html handbooks) If one search for a specific innard of the compiler (or the library) all a Linux user/coder need to do is cd to the source’s root directory, then rgrep function_name…

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dott. Piergiorgio.

I use ack for this on both MacOS and Windows, so I think we’re more or less good there.