PC testers needed for Horror/Adventure Game Legacy of the Griffin

The search for immortality. Not much else has occupied Michael Dubh’s thoughts for years. Experience his twisted story in our latest text-based adventure/horror game. What path will you choose? Who is Michael Dubh?

This game includes all original artwork, created using photo bashing, digital art, and Blender. It also uses a custom game engine and text parser.

The game is currently only available by private invitation using a non-searchable link to the Microsoft Marketplace. Please contact me to participate.

Jason (theEnzo)

First Trailer


The trailer evokes memories of Myst.

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Thank you fos1.
I have heard that a couple times and that’s pretty big shoes to fill, I hope we’re on the right track.
Would you like me to send you the download link?
I also noticed that in this forum, I can’t find a messaging system.
This is my email address: jason@FingerMoonSoftware.com
I apologize if that is not the correct procedure.

If you click the name in the upper left of a post, it should display a box that will open a pop up box with a Message option.

I would be interested in looking at your game in more detail.