"Patrollers" Extension Issue on Startup

So I just added the “Patrollers” extension to my game, and without even starting to write any code at all, I received this message upon the compile:

[code]This is the report produced by Inform 7 (build 6G60) on its most recent run through:

In Chapter 3 - Define rules move moving patrollers, Section 3.6 - Reporting movement rules in the extension Patrollers by Michael Callaghan:

Problem. In the sentence ‘if the patrolling activity is not going on begin’ , it looks as if you intend ‘patrolling activity is not going on’ to be a condition, but that would mean comparing two kinds of value which cannot mix - an activity on objects and a - so this must be incorrect.

I was trying to match this phrase:

if (patrolling activity is not going on - a condition):

This was what I found out:

patrolling activity is not going on = a condition

Any ideas how to fix this? What does it even mean? Shouldn’t this extension work out of the box?

Are you using the latest version of Patrollers (version 11)?

This minimal code compiles fine for me:

[code]Include Patrollers by Michael Callaghan.

Lab is a room.[/code]

That’s what I have, but I get the above error.

Hm, that’s weird. Could you post the entire text of the Progress sub tab under the errors tab (not the Problems tab – you’ve already done that)? It’ll look something like:

Thank you. The error sub-tag code is:

Patrollers compiles fine for me in the Windows IDE, and I don’t see a syntax error in the offending line. Also, the error message from the compiler reads weirdly. My guess is that this is a compiler bug … so the next question is, which OS are you using – Windows, Mac, or Linux?

Thanks for the help. I’m using Windows XP.

I’m using Windows 7, but I have an old XP machine (I believe it’s Service Pack 3) that I can try, if I have time. In the meantime, are there any other XP users out there who can check this?

Another suggestion that you might want to try: Try uninstalling and reinstalling Inform. It’s vaguely possible (though not likely) that your install got corrupted somehow. Or, first, try re-downloading and reinstalling Patrollers, as that would take less time.

It sounds like the poorly worded error message is due to some manifestation of bug 485, which in turn suggests that somewhere in the 1565 words you have altered the meaning of either or both of the words going'' oron’’. Is that the case? And does it work for you if you just use Skinny Mike’s source text?

No, I don’t believe I’ve altered the meanings of those words. Also, it doesn’t work when I use Skinny Mike’s source text. :confused: