Patrollers by Michael Callaghan -help w/ Move Patrollers Rule Response (I7)

I don’t know why this isn’t firing. I used to be able to get this to work.

I’m using Michael Callaghan’s Patrollers extension and I’ve added the following code to customize the reporting of characters coming and going.

the move patrollers rule response (A) is “[The Bod] [come] up from below.”.
the move patrollers rule response (B) is “[The Bod] [come] down from above.”.
the move patrollers rule response © is “[The Bod] [arrive] from the [opposite of way].”.
the move patrollers rule response (D) is “[The Bod] [go] [way].”.

But i get the following, generic report:

The Pope arrives.

instead of

The Pope arrives from below.

I have tested with Rules on and the Move Patrollers Rule shows up in the list as “applies”.

Please tell me what I’ve missed! Thanks! :eye:

Just a wild guess here: These rule responses only fire if the patrolling activity is going on. If this activity is for whatever reason not going on, the reporting follows the standard rules. Is it possible that your patroller is deactivated before he arrives at the player’s location?

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Hey, thanks for venturing a reply! I will look into that. (I’m currently not in front of my code). I appreciate the advice and will let you know how it pans out! :mushroom:

Ok, was banging my head on this for months. I finally cracked it today. It was simple, of course.

It all depends on if you have:

“Now Reporting is Collective.”
“Now Reporting is Individual.”

That code only fires if reporting is individual.

Lettin’ ya know for posterity’s sake.

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