Patch for st terminal for Beyond Zork font 3

I know this may find little interest, since it’s very specific to the st terminal and Beyond Zork, but if anyone does use st, and wants to play Beyond Zork, I created an st patch to draw font 3 in the terminal, for use with curses frotz. Yes, there are other interpreters available, like WinFrotz, etc, etc, but there you go :slight_smile:

I can’t post links as a new member, but if you go to github, my username is buchankn, and you should be able to find my_st project.


I applaud the specificity of this project! (st used to be my go-to xterm; I hacked Xresource support into it at one point.)

Do you have the glyphs available in a higher level format (e.g. a .sfd file)? Some time ago I made a font for use with frotz (see by modifying FreeFont, which means they are licensed under the GPL, so not suitable for every use.

I actually made this font by hand, putting the coordinates for each line/rectangle in the source code, compiling, and testing to see how it looked. A little painstaking, but not too bad once I did a few of the boxes/runes, since the proportions are generally similar for each letter.

I did visually look at the infocom 8x8 font, and the FreeFont for reference while I was making the font, so I’m not sure if that makes my font fall under GPL or not?

Edit: I did a little more research, and it doesn’t look like my font has to fall under GPL. I still can’t include links here to what I found, but as long as I don’t physically copy/modify a font file, I’m ok.

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There’s also a slightly larger Infocom font that I suspect may have been designed for a VT220 terminal. You can find some details at Z-Machine original (?) Beyond Zork font

It probably doesn’t make any difference in this case, though if someone wants to go for some sort of exact retro look…

Since Frotz itself is GPL, I’m not sure what trouble the fonts being GPL is causing… unless it’s to ensure the fonts can be used in other terps.

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