"PataNoir" release 4 now available

Release 4 of PataNoir is now available, with lots of updates:

[spoiler]- Lots of new custom responses to various commands.

  • Inventory items are now sorted with figurative items at the top.
  • Fixed a multitude of typos and grammatical errors.
  • It’s now possible to interact with the floor in the entrance hall to the mansion while standing on the balcony above.
  • Set your office ablaze! Tons of people wanted to set their office on fire by igniting the oil with the coal, so now you can.
  • A pirate in the lake. Arrrrr! This is pure flavor, but many people felt that the pirate treasure chest in the lake, should have a metaphorical pirate guarding it.
  • Examining the wheels on the chair now mentions that there is something stuck in them, which can be retrieved by moving the chair. Very few people tried moving the chair on their own.
  • Ensured that the dialog in Coperniks office makes sense if you manage to solve the first puzzle without talking to him first.
  • It is no longer necessary to throw the coin at Alfono to distract him, a solution which never made any sense. You can now distract him simply by talking to him, after getting rid of the businessman. The coin solution is still possible, but deprecated. It is no longer mentioned anywhere in the hints or walkthrough, nor will the game encourage you to throw things at Alfono.[/spoiler]

Stay tuned for the German release, coming soon!

Thanks! It’s great that you have continued to improve and polish the game. I really liked the original version, and appreciate you taking the time and effort to update it.

I wish more authors would do so, taking already great games and making them even better. (Six is another fine example of this, now in its fourth release.)

Awright, seems that it’s about time for this to go onto the replay list.

This was really cool to see, both because I remember enjoying the game and remember enough of the game to imagine how these touchups will make it better (I may not have time to actually -play- it,) and because it gives me the idea for the sort of things I need to fix for my own game.

Thanks for all the kind words everyone! Post-comp releases often get very little attention, so it’s nice to know they are appreciated.