PataNoir now available for iOS and Android

First, watch this promotional video by postmodern rock musician William Steffey:

Now that you’re properly hyped, go get the game at

The game is available for both iOS and Android and now features professional illustrations and music!

I have five iTunes promo codes for the first five people who pm me! Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any such thing as a Google play promo code, or I would hand out those as well.

I am planning to do a desktop release at some point, but I would like to make a proper desktop application, so it will probably be a while. I don’t want to release a .glorb file with an interpreter.

Congratulations on getting this out!! It looks really, really good! I have an Android, so I’ll just have to buy it :wink:

I bought the iPhone version. I got stuck in a couple of places and noticed a couple of small problems in the text, but overall I’m enjoying it. I haven’t finished yet, but hope to in the next couple of days so I can talk about it on the next episode of my podcast.

I’m glad you enjoy it :slight_smile:. Could you send me the text problems you noticed, so I can fix them in a future release?

I have it recording a transcript. The two things I noticed are:

[spoiler]You buy a cheap beer and drink it while your consider your options.

  • typo - your consider your options

He looks at you, like one looks at a cockroach that has just emerged from the beneath the kitchen table. “I don’t know nothin’. And even if I did, I ain’t no snitch.”

  • typo - from the beneath the[/spoiler]

Also, a possible small bug with the interface:

I finished the game, and it asked me to restart (I got a pop-up, if I remember correctly). After that, I looked at the transcript briefly, and decided to re-load a prior save. When I did that, the Info page wasn’t showing all the pictures I had unlocked – just the first one. I reloaded several saves and it still only showed one graphic in the Info pane (plus the cover art).

That’s a bug with the interface, yeah. The game stores information about which pictures have been unlocked in a file, which is cleared when the game is restarted. For some reason, I completely neglected to consider what should happen when the player restores a save… I’ll have a fix for that soon. A workaround until then is to make a save right at the beginning and load that instead of restarting.

I’ll make a note of the typos, but since I can’t fix them without breaking savegames, it’ll have to wait until someone discovers a major bug.