PataNoir featured in Pataphor Magazine

If you’ve played PataNoir, you may remember the introductory quote from “Pablo Lopez”, defining the concept of the pataphor. After some googling, I managed to track down the true identity of the author. He is actually Paul Avion, a musician, who invented the pataphor, and has a webpage about it at

I wrote to him about the game, and he decided to feature on his page. Today, I just received a mail from him, informing me that he has just started Pataphor Magazine, and PataNoir is prominently featured on the front page!

I though people might find this of interest - especially those who became interested in pataphors after playing the game.

That’s pretty awesome. I remember when I was in academia there was someone in the department working in meta-metaphysics, and I used to say that it should in fact be called pataphysics.