Paste button pasting in unexpected places

Does anyone else have an issue where you leave your cursor in a empty spot in your code so you can paste something there, but when you click the paste button to paste a response or example, it pastes in some other place in the code, perhaps off the screen entirely? I seem to remember in the past this sometimes resulted in things getting pasted in the middle of a line of code, but when I test it now it is consistently pasting at the end of the code. (Is that the intended behavior? I didn’t see it on the bug tracker.) This is the Windows IDE.

Make sure you are clicking in the place where you want the text to go. The insert happens where the entry cursor is, at the last place you typed something, not where the mouse-cursor is currently hovering. If you double click and highlight a word, that word will be replaced by the contents of your paste.

I hope that makes sense and I haven’t misunderstood the situation.

I tried highlighting, then pasting. It worked once. The next few times, the highlighted text remained highlighted, but the pasted text ended up somewhere else, three or four lines above or below.