Hello again! Another question. I’m writing a game for my students and I’d like to control what sections they should play on what days so that we are mostly “playing” together as a class.

To do this, I might set up a variety of stages or puzzles and they can advance with passwords that are given out during certain lectures. What I’d like to do is plant some characters (or maybe even objects?) in the game and instruct them to perform a specific task with that object or say a certain word to a character. What would this look like? An example: Maybe if the player tells a character a word such as “Rhetoric”, the character will give them a key to enter a door. I don’t want them to find the key or be able to take it unless the word is delivered. Maybe unusual actions could be performed on objects to the same effect, like singing to a table to open the drawer which has a key inside.

Any help here would be much appreciated! Thanks so much, all!

You shouldn’t have any trouble getting I7 to do this. If I were to tackle it, I’d break it down into simple components and work on them one at a time. Passwords could be implemented as single-word actions. The player types PSNXTL, and is magically transported to a new location. I don’t recall offhand the proper I7 format for handling SAY RHETORIC TO BOB – it could be the answering it that action? Singing to a table would require that you create a new action, singing to. But again, the process of creating a new action is not difficult.

Do you have specific questions about how to go about this?

For a password typed into the game:

Activating the first password is an action applying to nothing. Understand "ho kreittwn logos" as activating the first password.
Carry out activating the first password:
    move the player to the Chamber of the Greater Argument.

Activating the second password is an action applying to nothing. Understand "ho httwn logos" as activating the second password.
Carry out activating the second password:
    move the player to the Chamber of the Lesser Argument.

For a password given in the story:

Socrates is a man in the Phrontisterium.
Instead of answering Socrates that a topic:
    say "Socrates looks at you in confusion. 'Hythleis, hythleis...'"
Instead of answering Socrates that "ho kreittwn logos":
    say "Socrates seems to understand. 'A! Ho kreittwn logos!' He pulls out a key and hands it to you, then points toward the door to the east. 'Erxou.'";
    move the iron key to the player.

For random actions:

Instead of kissing the table:
    say "You kiss the table, and inexplicably a door opens behind you!";
    now the wooden door is open.