Password reset made me a "new user" and I can't reply to my own thread until tomorrow :-x

I started a thread discussing Authentic Fly Fishing and can’t reply anymore - I ran out of replies as a “new user” which I think was triggered by my password reset. Can anyone unlock my replies? If not, no worries, but seems like a bug if a password reset identifies you as a new user?

I bumped you up a trust level which should let you post again. If this is a new account, we can merge it with your old one.

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Resetting your password won’t have anything to do with it.

I think you’re probably running into a combination of limits, most likely due to having a lot of posts in one topic, and the system may think you’re new because you haven’t posted before today since we migrated to Discourse. I did notice that you had a few consecutive posts in that topic, so I’d recommend editing rather than posting a second time in a row.


ahhh I didn’t realize it made a new account, I’m sorry about that! I must have messed up - I thought I was just resetting my password. Thanks for bumping up my level, and sorry to bother you for what was my mistake!

And thank you both for the help - makes sense that the migration affected it, too! And I’ll be more careful about double posts.

No, it’s still your old account, registered back in 2013! But the system might have treated you as new if you haven’t been around since the migration.


That makes sense. @streever hasn’t been leveling up!

ha ha ha! I want to mark both of you as “solution” here but I think i have to give it to Dannii :smiley:


I’d recommend editing rather than posting a second time in a row.

Edits to posts don’t show up in the RSS feed :frowning: