Passage load times increasing

I’m currently working on a pretty big project, and have been wrestling with the load times of passages for quite some time now. The load times mainly increasing because of looping through big arrays.

However, I have since then been cutting down on it, but have now run into a new problem, even when I disable those for loops.

For some odd reason, the load times on passages appears to be increasing over time. I thought that this was some memory leak caused by me, but it happens regardless of my code being commented out or not.

After going through 50 or so passages, the load time gets excruciating at around 5-6 seconds per passage load.

I’m using 2.3.5, and honestly not even really sure what it is I’m asking for here. Since the issue persists even without my code.

Any ideas?

You should probably take a look at the “Any tips on optimization?” thread. The posts there explain the likely reason for the slowdown and various ways to minimize it.

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:


I must have been fooling around with max.states before, since I had set it to 20. However, further decreasing it to 3 solved it for me. For now that is…

What are max.states?

He was trying to refer to Config.history.maxStates, he just got the name a little wrong.