ParserComp2022 Implementors Group

Fancy joining a secret society? Want the cachet of belonging to an elite group with dubious benefits but a palpable air of superiority? Planning to submit a game to ParserComp?

The come and join the ParserComp2022 Implementors Group, kindly set up by @HanonO:

The ParserComp 2022 group is accepting requests. You can go to the hamburger menu on the upper right, click groups, find the block for ParserComp 2022 and click “Request” to join the group. Or click the link to go straight there:

I can’t guarantee it will make your life better in any concrete way, but it will at least allow you to brandish the ParserComp 2022 Implementor title (I think).

Naturally, if you do claim membership and then fail to submit a game, we will remove your title in the normal way (a ceremonial whipping through the streets).

Best wishes

@fos1 & Christopher



Me!! Me!!! Meeeeeee!!!

I want to be one of the cool ones at least once!!!



Are we supposed to chant “shame, shame” or “plugh, plugh” this time?