ParserComp: What upload formats should I expect?

I’m setting up the ParserComp upload page, and I need to explicitly clear every expected upload type in the system.

I’m currently prepared for:


Any other common extensions that I should be prepared for? (I’m not sure what Alan and Hugo compile to…)

Hugo story file extension is .hex and unblorbed Glulx is .ulx.

Anyone with more exotic formats is probably ok with zipping it before uploading. has a list of all extensions but it includes source.

.a3c and .a3r are for alan.

.t3 is for TADS too and .t3v apparently is too but I’ve never seen it.

.t3v is a TADS 3 save file, not a game file. According to that list .t3x can be a TADS 3 game file, but I’ve never seen/heard of it before and I wouldn’t bother including it. But yeah, .t3 for TADS 3 games.

Ah, glad I provided the link, then. I meant to give the “other” game file.

Also, Carolyn, if you plan to allow feelies in with the other things, will participants be required to bundle them into a ZIP file or something similarly compressed? I’d guess 7z and gz files could be included there, maybe even z. Bit if you want to account for feelies on their own, there’d be PDF, PNG/GIF/JPG, TXT, and HTM. Dunno if you would want a different rule for main and side files.

(My 2 cents if you haven’t decided: a zip file including everything seemed to work well for IFComp.)

Thanks for the help, everyone!

Hmm… I’m providing separate links for the main upload and the walkthrough (mostly to remind people, hey, I need a walkthrough so I can verify your game!) but my inclination is to ask people to bundle their feelies. Feelies can be all kinds of things, after all, and I think this could get out of control.