ParserComp submissions start 1st of May (not the deadline)

1 Day 13 Hours 36 Minutes 39 Seconds

Those who need to pull an all-nighter for implementing that final THROW SNOTBALL AT EVIL LIBRARIAN, time to make a big pot of coffee.

Good luck to all authors!

(Yes, I know that’s just the beginning of the submissions window. Just poking the fire a bit…)


Now I kind of want to have that, but it wouldn’t fit the theme of the story at all.

Oh well. Another time.

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Surreal easter egg?

I’m in. I thought we had almost two months to submit the game?

My game Jamjar keeps getting bigger. I keep thinking of new twists.

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Good luck to everyone doing ParserComp!

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From the Jam Page:

Submissions open from May 1st 2021 at 1:00 AM to July 1st 2021 at 12:59 AM

So if you want the special soopersecret prize* for being first to submit then now’s the time to be ready.

*the invisible pink trophy


So yes, you’ve got 2 months, but if you felt like submitting it at the weekend, nobody will stop you :wink:

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Just Rovarsson putting the wind up everyone by kindly reminding us of the submission opening date, not the deadline (gave me a scare for a moment).

Really wish I could be in, but I’m still smack in the middle of a game that’s too big to finish in time (maybe not even by this year’s IFComp, the way life’s going… baby #2 due tomorrow!)



(Nothing like sleepless nights to get some work done on your game…)

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Gosh, well congratulations and perhaps you can come back to your game when you’re less busy (in around 18 years’ time)?

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Congratulations to you and your family!

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