ParserComp - Choose Your Own... Wording carefully please

I’m sure this won’t be a problem as the nature of the competition is for parser IF (respectively) however people like to experiment, and rightly so, and so I thought I would cover this off ahead of time. :slight_smile:

If you are planning to build some form of CYOA-style functionality into your game then this is fine (again providing the primary function is the text parser input & output etc etc) but please be very careful about wording in terms of your game description on

I have reached out to the good folk at Chooseco just to understand what terms should be avoided and will share these when I know more.

This is all essentially just forward planning to make sure your game doesn’t get pulled because in the description you wrote “It’s similar to a Choose Your Own Adventure game in that you can xxxxxxxxx”.

Again - this is likely overkill - but just keep it in mind if you are planning on including anything CYOA-ish in your game please.