Parsercomp 2022 reviews "on the go"

I feel lucky this year becouse we have 19 entries to play in July.
I will post my reviews in this thread so that any adventurer will have just a bit of info wich pushes them to play entries.
And I am starting from the beggining: games that I have tested.
Happy adventuring!

  • Jade.

Impossible Stairs by Mathbrush
Of their shadows deep by Amanda Walker.
Things that Happened in Houghtonbridge by Dee Cooke


Impossible Stairs by Mathbrush.

It is always a big responsability to review a game from a big author. This time furthermore becouse Brian is the big boss in reviewing games.
Well then. This game is a sequel to The Impossible Stairs by Linus Ă…kesson.
The game comes in two flavours, a normal zcode release and a improved online release wich allows to play without almost typing a word, just picking hyperlinks. The two games are the same, but online release is easier someway.

This is a very original game wich take place in a house with a little map. We play as a girl wich will have to do some work to save the day, as in The Impossible Bottle. The references finish here.

This time we have to go through five different decades to solve some problems and save the day instead of changing thing’s sizes

I recomend this game to any adventurer. The game is bright, abaut two hours lenght, mercyful puzzlefest, with a great history that will envelop the player and many things to discover. The game itself has a walkthrough file attached you can look inside if you get stuck.

  • Jade.

I feel absolutely bad becouse I have been at work and then I got covid and I haven’t been able to continue this thread. I am going to write down a few words about the games I have played.


This is a must play game. It is inmersive, emotive, wich explores deep feelings about illnes and lose. All around is prepared to get the player totally inmersed.
The game has been developed for a long time, polished, improved and tested. The result is a great game in wich Amanda goes back with some ascii graphics very well developed.

  • Jade.

You are too modest. Jade tested this game ENDLESSLY, so if it is polished, it is due to Jade and all my testers.


Jade, you are a bad person. Good ones don’t get Covid!

Glad to read you. I hope you are fully recovered : )



As you can see I am doing some little reviews trying to involve more adventurers into the gameplay.

This is a good quality rather big game that involved slowly the player in a growing plot. First you have to complete some trivial questions at home, afterwards you will solve some puzzles in order to find someone and finally the map and the story explodes upgrading the game to a new status.
It is polished, intriguing and definitly a game that can be played by any adventurer that likes mystery, house exploring and rather strange plots.

  • Jade.

Thanks for the review Jade (and also for your testing!). Hope you’re feeling better now!


Agreed (belatedly) with the other well wishers. I know you’ve helped a lot of authors with your testing efforts & I appreciate the help you gave on my entry.

Hope you’ve recovered fully from COVID. We’re glad to see your reviews when you have the time and energy, but your health is more important.


We playerd this Game in ifmud and didint reach the end. It seems to be a difficult problem.
By the way I am recovered but have no time becouse I have started a new job.

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