ParserComp 2021 - The Main Post :)

Cool! JFYI, the itch jam page link is still “TBC” in the opening post.


Unhallowed is one of those games that were inspired by Hibernated but it does many things better. It is a wonderful, wonderful game if you’re into Horror B-Movies. Originally written for the ZX Spectrum 128k, then ported to the Commodore 64 and Amstrad CPC by yours truly! Enjoy :slight_smile:


I shall!

Once I get round to it with all these creative go-get-them types that keep flinging Jams and Comps and Spring Celebrations in my (our) general direction.


I’ve registered. Now all I need is an idea for a game! (OK, an idea for a game I can make in 11 weeks. I have plenty of ideas for bigger games…)


Wow! Did I see that right?!

Top right corner of the Jam-Page: “45 Joined”.

And we have what, the month of July to play and judge and vote? That’s only thirty-one days…

That’s it, I’m using my special red phone-line to order us about a dozen more days in July. There must be a stash of 29th-of-Februaries that nobody’s gonna miss. After all, it only gets opened once every four years to get one measly day. We might as well use some of those for something really important.


Question: my 10 year old son would like to join, but we’re looking for rules clarification.
He has been writing an Inform 7 game featuring the characters from his favorite cartoon, Nickelodeon Loud House, it’s basically an interactive fan fic in the form of a puzzle based text adventure.

Can he submit that to Parser Comp 2021? I don’t see anything in the rules about characters he doesn’t own the rights to. I observe there is already a ton of fanfic on

Please advise!

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Sounds great! We love Loud House, in my (almost as loud) house. If I was in your situation, though, and irrespective of what the rules for this comp may be, I’d probably thinly veil the characters just to avoid complications.

Non-commercial fan-fiction is generally unproblematic. The worst that could plausibly happen is a take-down request.

Ok thanks! He’ll be excited. I’ve suggested as much (e.g. how about ‘Harry Highvolume of Schnickelodeon Highvolume Home and his 10 H-named sisters?’) but I’m trying not to impinge on his autonomy. If he gets a takedown notice it will be a valuable learning experience.


I would do everything you can to encourage and support him in the way of suggestions. “Hmm, I wonder what would happen if…”

As a piece of fan fiction, you’re usually okay. If it’s based on an existing script, then it would be regarded as a derivative work, then things start to get a bit murky.

I would suggest an original story based on the same characters in the cartoon and provide something in the credits like “Based on characters from ‘Loud House’ by Nickelodeon”. Otherwise, he can base it on the same personalities and rename them, as you suggested and there should be no problem.

It would be no less than super-awesome if your ten year old son would join the Comp. There’s been discussion and chit-chat about the existence of these “young people” for years now. It seems that we may get the opportunity to welcome one of their rare breed in our midst…

I like Loud House. My favorite is the metal/punk sister.

Here is a game that uses the “thinly veiled”-approach: Toonesia - Details ( I liked the game but I got really frustrated because I kept misspelling the characters’ names. (Elmo Dudd and Baggs Binny or something like that.)

Like others have said, if your son were to put a shout-out to Loud House in the credits, or better, on the title page, he’s gonna be ok, even when using the original names.


Almost certainly…


(Also: Hi, son of Captain Edgecase. Really cool you’re writing a parser-game. Loud House certainly offers enough opportunities for crazy situations in your game. Have fun creating!)

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Haha! Yes, the response has been nothing short of fantastic and i’m very pleased and somewhat humbled that so many people have signed up. Better yet, I had in my head a rough idea that we might be able to interest around 30 people to register and then 10% of that would physically submit a game - so 3 entries; which I know possibly feels low but this is the first time that ParserComp has ran for a number of years. As we already have 3 submissions i’m allowing myself to hope that we’ll get a good few more but hey, even at 3, i’m happy.

Thank you everyone. :slight_smile:



Absolutely - 100% - YES!! Please do encourage him! For Inform 7 there are a ton of resources and knowledgeable people here and i’m sure they will support him!

I think this is nothing short of fantastic! As the “Chair” please pass on my thanks for his interest :slight_smile: I have two young sons myself, 10 and 8, so I couldn’t be more enthusiastic for your son to give this a go!

Adam :slight_smile:


Quick Updates! :slight_smile:

Update 1 - Personal/Medical Update. I’ve been a little subdued over the last two weeks due to a bout of “unstable angina” (i’m only in my 40s, oh well) and a trip to the hospital. This sadly overlapped with ParserComp’s submission window opening (April 1st) so you may have noticed a slight lack of fanfare. Mercifully I think we collectively promoted it and talked about it sufficiently that people were aware. I will however post reminders over the coming week across social media. That said, that brings us to Update 2…

Update 2 - As noted earlier in this thread the response of registrations and also submissions (even at this early stage) has been brilliant so thank you. I need/want to promote that the submission window is open.




There have been years where competitions didn’t run because of lack of submissions. It seems this won’t be the case for ParserComp.

Please give your angina a good stern talking-to and get it to stabilize. We need our organizer in tiptop shape for this Comp.


I hope your angina wasn’t brought on by the stress of preparing ParserComp. Anyway, you look after yourself and your family.

I just realised that there’s only 1 month 23 days to the submission deadline. Holey dooley. That snuck up quickly. I thought I had another month. I’d better get started.

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Hoping not to give anyone else’s heart a hard time, I do want to say this:

Started?! You should be finishing by now!


I’m happy to say that I might not be working right up against the deadline, for once. Now if only I could translate that motivation to my university coursework, that’d be great…


I guess it depends on the size of the game. How big should the games be?

If nothing else, put it into the next ifcomp.

I’ve been nervous to upload my game since I don’t know if we can edit it before the deadline. If I put my game into the competition now, will I be able to make changes and fixes before the deadline?