parser error internal rule response list?

Can someone tell me where to find the parser error internal rule responses? or even better if you know the letter for the “that was a rhetorical question” response that’d be great. I did this once before, but now for the life of me i cannot remember where i found that list lol.

Also how do i get things spelled with a “z” to stop coming up as an “s” lol? like recognize is spelt with an s, and some others…


Edit: i have found “reject player’s command” works much better for what I’m trying to do. lol but id still like to know where that list is if anyone knows…

For example i use

When play begins:
now parser error internal rule response (N) is “”.

so that it gets rid of “that isn’t a verb i recognize” when i am using the player’s command as input.

These are Inform 7 questions, and should go in the Inform subform, not the general game design forum.

Use the testing command RESPONSES ALL for the complete list.

Inform 7 uses British spellings by default. To switch to American dialect, use the following option:

Use American dialect.

thanks for answering anyway. i wasn’t sure where to post…thanks a ton!