Parser Comp 2021 - Last week for voting!

There is one week left to rate games entered into ParserComp 2021.

Here is a link to the least rated games. (Games that have been played and rated the least number of times.)

Thank you


I’ll be playing Somewhere Somewhen this week and there are some games I want to revisit before giving my final rating. I hope to rate all the games by the end of the week, even if that means voting when I haven’t completely finished a game. In that case, I’m adopting a sort of IFComp attitude to voting: play it for a few hours and see how much I like it.


Holey dooley. It has passed 300 ratings. 308 to be exact. That’s fantastic!


With 33 hours left, 308 is now up to 337, which means we just made it over the “average votes per game exceeds the number of games” hump. (okay, if we round all the way down, we need to hit 342.)

And one vote for Black Knife Dungeon or Faeries of Haelstowne will put the median at 19, so So that means the votes are spread around pretty well.

Here’s to people filling in the last few games they meant to play over the weekend.

I try not to pay attention too often, because there’s nothing I can do (besides casting my own votes,) but I admit, I have my Windows task scheduler pop up the jam page once a day, and it’s neat to see a big jump in votes from what I last remembered.