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so I have this Inform 6 INF file, and it compiles to a Z8 file which I can play with e.g. Gargoyle. That’s about all I know about compiling. Now I’d love to make the game available on my webspace. I know I have to use Parchment, but beyond that I’m clueless. I’m certain I’m not the first to stand before this task. Would someone be so kind as to direct me to sources within or outside this forum that explain what I need to do?
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Can someone also direct to instructions for Inform 7 in Parchment? And how to get it on the PlayIF site if you don’t have a webpage?

These threads might help:

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Speaking of iplayif/Parchment, I don’t see ScottFree/ScottKit interpreter included. Unfortunately, I let my I6 skill become rusty, so if I participate at all, it’s going to be ScottKit. I’m not sure how easy to get/common that interpreter is.

Okay need to install Python. Otherwise everything looks feasible so far.

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To make a game playable with it just needs to be anyplace on the web directly accessible by a plain URL (i.e., with no logins or agreeing to terms of services or anything involved) and then you just construct an iplayif URL and add the game URL as described here.

I think a lot of the material from those threads is now obsolete.

To address the original question, much depends on what you’re trying to accomplish.

  1. If you just want your game to be playable on Upload your game file (Z8 / blorb / gblorb / whatever) somewhere. (Preferably the IF Archive!) Copy and paste its URL, e.g. and paste at the front of it, like this:

    You can then paste that link anywhere, including on a web site you control, on this forum, or whatever.

  2. If you want your game to be playable on a web site you control:

    • You can run Parchment yourself using “single file” Parchment. Download that and extract parchment.html. You can put that HTML file on your site (let’s say it’s and then link to and it will work just like

    • Alternately, if you’re writing in Inform, Inform itself offers a “Release along with an interpreter” option that generates a web page for you. You can “just” use that.

    • If you already have a Z-code or Glulx game file, you can use Zarf’s instead


So I have installed Python 3.7.9 (still running WIndows 7 on THIS computer) but when I open a DOS window and enter “python yourgame.z5 > yourgame.z5.js” the result is “The command ‘python’ is spelled incorrectly or could not be found.”., in particular, is obsolete, and no longer needed.

Neither does my DOS command line know the command “python3”, nor do I have a ULX file. I am clueless.

What’s the URL to your game file?

I have DM’d it to you.

All hail Dan Fabulich! :slight_smile: Works like a charm, case closed!

FWIW, Dan’s great answer works for any of Parchment’s supported game types. It might be useful if this thread were recategorized or had additional tags included.

(It appears I can do this myself, but I don’t want to be presumptuous.)

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Computer Idiot Alert… Warning!

OK, so for a Spring Thing game, which can’t be public before April, what’s the way to do this? If I upload it to the IF archive, it will be public (I assume). But if I don’t, then it won’t be playable online for the festival. I don’t have a website and don’t want one, so what’s the way to do this correctly?

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The Spring Thing website, like the IFComp website, will automagically make games available online on the competition website. Just send over a game file and they’ll take care of the rest, including uploading your game to the IF Archive.