Parchment/Transcript Recorder 3.0 Issues...?

Haven’t done anything with Firebug yet, as I haven’t been back to my primary machine in some days. Just crapping around on this old laptop. But I was messing around with Parchment at work earlier when I had some downtime. I noticed that even though the transcript recorder is saving the actual transcripts, it isn’t populating the “stories” table to link those transcripts to the associated games / session information.

Odd that it would store the transcript info and not the other. If anyone has anything they can can throw out from the hip, that’d be great. Otherwise I’ll debug it in further detail this weekend. Need to make some changes to the script anyway.

I can’t reproduce the bug, so I can’t say right away what’s going on. If you manage to find the bug or even narrow down the problem, I’d appreciate more details so I could fix it in the official version. Thanks!

Not entirely sure what the deal was. Dropped the database tables and recreated them. Then nothing would work. Deleted the files (except for the db.php and what used to be index.html) and reuploaded them. Now everything is fine. Most likely some kinda of version mix-up where I was reinstalling from different computers. Probably had some 2.1 stuff in there somewhere. Seems to be okay now.

Once I get it to write an additional column to the stories table from a $_GET, I’ll be golden. Haven’t looked at it yet, but it probably won’t be a big deal.