Parchment template information: how to download latest version/report bugs?

Hi everyone,

I admit I’m a bit lost about Parchment, and I realize I don’t know much more than where to start when debugging a problem I saw in Parchment.

Here is my current problem:

I have used the (- style reverse; -) Inform 6 syntax to create the effect of dark and light squares on a chessboard. This works well in the z-machine. However, it causes the cursor line to turn dark in Parchment in the version dated 2021.04, but not the one dated 2015.0925.

I’ve tested this by creating separate templates called “Parch2015” and “Parch2021” with the relevant files. With Parch2015, I don’t see the dark line, but with Parch2021, I do.

This brings up questions:

  1. how/where would we report such a bug?
  2. how would we go about downloading the latest version, to verify it isn’t a bug?
  3. are older versions stable enough if you aren’t doing much with your project other than putting in fixed text and a header?

I have a feeling I’m missing something obvious here, but I’m just not sure how and where to do due diligence on this sort of thing.



The Parchment home page explains where to get the latest Parchment for Inform 7 template. You can also report bugs in the Issues tab at the top.

If an old template works for you then you can keep using it. But I am always fixing issues. Recently that includes some font and accessibility issues where windows would have the wrong sizes on high DPI screens or if zoomed in. So I’d encourage people to get the latest template, as it probably fixes many more bugs than it introduces.

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Thanks so much for the information, Dannii! It’s really embarrassing, but I saw that page, and I somehow neglected to scroll down and, uh, read the

So I’ll just check off on that if anyone else needs to and also further idiot-proof things by noting the file you want to download as of June 2022 is

And thanks for keeping it maintained–yeah, from the commit history you’ve been doing so regularly. And, in fact, the regression I saw was fixed! So that’s pretty awesome.

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