Parchment Recorder problems with new Inform 7 build.

I use the parchment recorder interpreter to take transcripts of my game, and I think that it is preventing my game from compiling. The only other extension I am using is Basic Screen Effects by Emily Short.

Here’s the error in question:

Inform 6.33 for Win32 (10th May 2014)
auto.inf(24996): Error: Name exceeds the maximum length of 32 characters: “I261_commandsI261_commandsI261_co”

Array tab_8_0 table $5c89 NULL (I261_commands) (I262_conversation) ( …etc
auto.inf(24996): Error: No such constant as “I261_commandsI261_commandsI261_co”
auto.inf(24996): Error: No such constant as “mmands”
auto.inf(24997): Error: No such constant as “BC_3322BC_3323BC_3324”

Anyone have any guesses on what I could fix and how?

What is that extension? I’m not familiar with it. Does it use Inform 6 includes?

It is an interpreter that releases the code to a javascript file you can use online, and it saves transcripts of games.

It doesn’t seem to be an extension, so I’m not sure why it would be causing compilation problems (I’d expect it to crash or glitch when you played if something were wrong).

Does the game work with the built-in interpreter? And can you run a minimal game (just “there is a room”) with Recording Parchment?

Good point. I tried testing it without the interpreter and it still crashes. Is there any way to get into the Inform 6 code?

There is, but unless you’re already using I6 (or an extension is) you shouldn’t be getting that error in the first place. Are you using an old version of Basic Screen Effects?

If everything’s up to date and there are no I6 includes in your story, this is likely a bug in the compiler.

Do you get this error if you create a new project and compile it? With or without Basic Screen Effects?