Parchment primer

I feel I’ve been chasing my tail on this. I understand a game-playing web page can be constructed using Parchment, with a z8 or blurb file at its heart and a js as its engine. And I read in the I7 manual that the components for this are in the I7 release stuff. But I can’t find a set of instructions for how to do it all. Can someone point me at a Parchment primer?

I think you just add

Release along with an interpreter.

to your code (assuming you are using z8 already), as in §25.11. A playable web page, and then hit the “release” button.

If you want to customize the appearance of the page (colors, etc) after releasing it, edit the “style.css” file

I haven’t tried this with Parchent specifically but that’s how it works with Quixe.

Too easy! I’ll try that. Thanks.

OK. Thanks for the encouraging pointer.

I HAD read the relevant chapter and what I was doing did look OK, but I went over it all again and I figured it out. Because I installed Inform on a drive/directory other than the default (because of lack of space on the default drive), it seems that Inform couldn’t find any templates. I copied the Standard Template directory (which did exist, but apparently not where Inform thought it was) into my .materials directory, and zap! it’s all working.

I shall be setting up a specific css and template for actual release (because it’s to be embedded in an existing website), but the default works just fine, so I’m confident it’ll go OK.

Thanks again.