Parchment not responding

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For some reason my newest game isn't running in Parchment. As in, I open it, and when I type in a command it does its annoying "no-response". So now everything I type in anything it does that and never responds.

And even if I refresh and reopen the file it still stays where it was before…

Also, does anybody know why this happens in Parchment but no other interpreter?

It’s a .z5 game, btw.

Does someone have a link?

Oh, I see it’s not released. Well the next thing to ask is if there are any errors in the JS console?

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How do I find out about errors? (I can send you the file to the current game so far.) If rather not put the image on here yet…

Which browser are you using? In Chrome you just right click in the page, and then choose Inspect at the bottom, and then change to the console tab.

Or you can send the storyfile to me via PM.