Parchment in I7 - problem with Chrome - [resolved]


I’m trying this new I7 release feature.
But my problem is: the playable site generated does not work with my Chrome 5.0.375.70 (x86 XP machine).
And with the quixe template: same result.

The page set: “Please wait while Parchment loads.” and the waiting is eternal.

PN: In my Firefox 3.6.4 appears a msg box saying something like “The script jquery.min.js:30 is lagging”. I push Continue button and the game starts to run wihtout problem.

Any help?


Looks like has discussion on this and a link to a fixed version.


I downloaded the fixed template from git.
It works now.
Thanks Juhana!!

PN: I forgot check in I7 bug tracker. My fault.

Someone said this also occurs with the Quixe template?

yes, I had that (unresolved) problem.
The generated web just shows the waiting gif and hang (always in Chrome).

I looked at Dannii’s fix – I’ll do the same thing in Quixe. (But possibly not until this weekend.)