Parchment doesn't load CSS in app on IF Comp website


I know that the IF Comp website records transcripts from parchment. It looks like they add in a few scripts and stylesheets into the header. But are those stylesheet’s overwriting parchment.min.css? Because I can see that no stylesheet for parchment is being loaded when I try to play the game. The html is fine, it’s the parchment app. Or has this never been added?

The game is Inform 6, and I’m using the libs from the master branch, not parchment-for-inform7.

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Can you please email the comp organisers, giving them your entry ID and the link to the Parchment site, so that we can check what’s going on without you revealing your entry here publicly. :slight_smile:

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I sent if off with a little more detail.

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Hey Dannii,

I also just uploaded an iFrame version that reads the CSS properly. Though it doesn’t capture the transcripts.

You can at least see the difference. The regular version is in the link I sent to the comp website, the iFrame version can be reached from the index page.

Hope this helps - D

Are you trying to provide any custom CSS? If not you don’t need to upload Parchment, just the Z-Code file.

Yeah, I didn’t try that, but I do have some feelies, like a map, that I want to include in the package, along with the art and walkthrough.

Yep that’s fine you can upload them too, you just don’t need to upload Parchment itself unless you’ve customised it.

Yeah, I’ve tried that. Not adding the libraries, and the game loads. But the site still doesn’t read the CSS. That’s the zip that’s up there now. The other disadvantage is, if someone tries to play it locally in a browser, from the downloaded package, it wouldn’t work. Unless I’m doing something wrong. There’s no script to run it.

My best bet seems like running it in a iFrame and forget the transcripts.

My concern is, are there any problems with iFrame running on a phone, or a small screen like that? Has anybody used iFrame before? Are there any inherent problems that I might be missing.

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I’ve finally been able to test your entry now, and it looks like it is loading the CSS correctly? Did you reupload it recently or something?

Edit: Oh wait, that’s because you redirected to an offsite Parchment… and the way the comp site works is that if you upload an index.html but not a play.html then it won’t make its own play.html. So I still can’t explain what was originally going wrong.

Sorry about that. I did change it, to ask if it was legal according to the rules to redirect someone off the comp site and on to another site? Still not sure.

I also changed it back to the no parchment version. It runs the game, but I still have the problem with it not loading the CSS. Also, after you fill a page with text, and keep typing, the cursor stays below the page and you have to scroll the page down. That’s the real problem with it.

I hope you can look at it now.

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