"Painless Little Stupid Games" now in Z-Code

I’ve now ported my collection of “Painless Little Stupid Games,” formerly only available in ALAN and only playable on older PCs, to Inform 7 and released them as z-code games. They should be up on the Archive before too long. The five games are zipped together but playable separately. All have built-in hints (though “HELP” sometimes gets you something different from “HINT”) and all are absurdly easy. They don’t need beta-testing–I wrote them in 1998, so any testing would be omega-testing by now–but if anyone detects serious bugs, please report them to me at (symbols for words) payyasi at hotmail dot com.

The contents are:

Dinnertime: not a game but a single puzzle, a simple and ancient one.

To Get To The Other Side: my first actual game. Fun with boxes, painted rooms, broken tv sets, toy nuclear bombs, homicidal truckdrivers, and more (but no chickens). Eliminates a pair of doors and their key which were only in the original game to be annoying. (The game’s annoying enough.)

They’re After You!: a chase scene … yeah, that’s about it.

Mazemapper: dedicated to everyone who loves mapping mazes. I think there might be three of us.

The Mean Story: what can I say? An egregiously heartless and un-p.c. example of black humor, inspired by fantasies two of my friends came up with in high school. We’ve all grown since high school. You’d think.

And there were going to be five more, before I took my eleven-year break from IF. Maybe there still will be! In the meantime, there’s always my long game RANS.

I played two of these in ALAN form a couple of months back. They were definitely a lot of fun, but I found them pretty challenging.

Oops. I guess I said they were easy cuz I didn’t wanna disappoint anyone who was looking for a challenge. But I’m happy a good i.f. author found them fun, if challenging.