Painless Little Stupid Games #6: Mahadev

The first five Painless Little Stupid Games didn’t include a puzzleless game: I thought I’d better write one for the decade-postponed second five. Oh, maybe not entirely puzzleless, but what puzzles there are are basically solved for you if you show the game you’re trying. If anyone wants to beta-test it, I’d appreciate it (send comments to payyasi AT hotmail DOT com: symbols for words), but really, it’s so linear that the player isn’t given a lot of freedom (or opportunity to run into bugs, I hope). Religious people might or might not be offended by the content of this game–or more accurately, by one obvious interpretation of the content–but I’m not sure myself that that interpretation would be correct. Other than that, there’s nothing to say about it.

You can get the z-code game from, or wait till I put it on the archive.