Packing AGT games into Blorb files

I’m overhauling my blorbtools package (forked from the old perlblorb and scanblorb scripts by Graham) to support executables other than Z-code and Glulx. Looking at the Blorb specs at, I’m very puzzled at how to handle AGT executables. I understand that an AGT game’s data is spread across several files with wildly varying extensions. I also understand that there’s a package format called AGX used to pack all these files up into a single file for play on the AGT interpreter AGiliTy.

Back to the Blorb format: it allows zero or one executable chunks in a Blorb file. How does this work with AGT? I don’t see much of a point to adding an AGX file to a Blorb given that AGX appears to provide exactly the same functionality of a Blorb except just for AGiliTy (and I’m aware of no other terps but this and the originals).

My concluding question: Does AGT support belong in the Blorb spec?

IIRC, there was a tool, agt2magx, whose convert the 3-6 files of AGT into an single-file agx, but (and is what I do when fooling around with AGT sources) magx can compile the fixed multi-file format of AGT sources (lacking better terms…) into a single .agx

also, tbh, IMO if someone really want to develop today an AGT-format IF, he should use magx, so my suggestion is that blorb should support magx’s .agx format.

Best regards from Italy,
dott. Piergiorgio.

Do you know if AGT supports graphics and sound? If so, are sound and audio files wrapped up into an .agx file? If both of these are true or the first is not true, then I see little point in continuing with AGT support in blorbtools.

Late AGT (Big and/or Master) has graphical support (cfr Toko university ) but was rather simple, akin to early text/graphic IF.

Being deaf, I can’t say on sound support, but from the docs was implemented together with graphical support in the Big/Master AGTs