Oxford and London meetups

I have started a meetup group for interactive fiction, alternating between Oxford and London. We’ll be inaugurating this with a meeting the afternoon of Feb 2 at the Jam Factory Restaurant in Oxford (not terribly far from the train and bus stations, for anyone who might want to come from out of town).

If you’d like to RSVP for that event or just join the meetup group so you can keep track of future events, the group site is here.

We’ve now got a space and time for a Feb 18 meetup in London, for those who don’t want to travel to Oxford; more information and RSVP options here.

In future months I imagine doing one a month in alternating locations, but we’ll see what people are interested in.

Our next sessions are now scheduled:

2:15 PM, March 30 in Oxford, Graham Nelson and Eric Eve show us their latest work on I7 and adv3lite, and we have a general session on IF tools.

7 PM, April 8 in London, a session on character and dialogue modeling.

RSVP (and get more details about where, etc) at meetup.com/Oxford-and-London … ion-Group/ if you’re interested.

Very jealous that I’m not anywhere near where I can join the next meetup. Would be great to find out more about when the next update of Inform7 is expected and what it might include.

Would’ve gone to the one tomorrow, except for an annoying lack of cash. Sigh.

so, what happened?

Emily’s written up the highlights here:


It’s been a bit of a summer hiatus as people have been busy, but we’ve now scheduled our next meetup, October 20, 7 PM in London at the Failbetter headquarters. Sign-up is here:

meetup.com/Oxford-and-London … 208238422/

We’re running this one in a sort of unconference style, setting up small group discussions on the spot; something of an experiment, but we’re trying to find a good middle between “we have no plan at all” and “we stick to one topic all night and not everyone gets to talk as much as they might like”. I will certainly have played some of the comp games by then, though, and I’m sure there will also be other interesting areas of discussion.