Overdressed in Cragne Manor

I am temporarily back on the machine where my Cragne Manor saves live, and realized I had missed a few things in my Quest To Wear Everything. Having tried to rectify that, here is my current outfit:


You are carrying:
aviator goggles (being worn)
a librarian’s dress (being worn)
a wax mask (being worn)
a gray wig (being worn)
Dr. Peanut
Ed’s coveralls (being worn)
a vintage Black Sabbath tee shirt (being worn)
a familiar gold wristwatch (being worn)
a leather cord and pendant (being worn)
a pair of reading glasses (being worn)
a copper amulet (being worn)
a battered yellow JogMaster (being worn)
a pair of leather boots (being worn)
a pair of blue cloth slippers (being worn)
a calfskin coat (being worn)
Peter’s jacket
a trolley pass (being worn)
a Jansport backpack (being worn and closed)
a gold jacket (being worn)
a giant milkweed leaf (being worn as a mask)

I’m not sure if this is the maximum number of wearable things:

I don’t know how to get out of the Meatpacking Plant Bathroom without losing the ermine coat, the eyepiece from The Old Well seems to be gone–maybe it falls off when you’re done with it?–and the aviator goggles are specific to the Churchyard, while there is a pair of clogs that is specific to the Front Walk/Mudroom, so you can’t have both at once.


Black Sabbath tee :love_you_gesture: :love_you_gesture: :guitar:

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Years-later necro, apologies for the obnoxiousness:

You can also take and wear the lost-and-found label from the very first location.


Hee hee, someone should make an illustration of that XD

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