Over Here! Invisiclues Hints

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Spoileriffic Map


These sections appear in a completable order. If you help the ghosts in this order, all puzzles will be solvable without backtracking.

Armours Room

  1. EXAMINE KNIGHT. The knight says he’d like to make one last fight before he leaves.


  3. FIGHT.

Ann and Lou in the Dining Room

  1. Find their pictures.

  2. They’re in the two Corridor rooms upstairs and south on the first floor.

  3. Swap them and return to the dining room.

    • From the First Floor room, SOUTH.


    • GO WEST.



    • GO EAST.


Scarecrow / Toad at the Edge of the Pond

  1. Put two articles of clothing on the scarecrow.

  2. Put a hat on the scarecrow.

    • Go upstairs from the Foyer to the first floor.

    • Read the sign.


  3. Put a shirt on the scarecrow.

    • You can’t find the shirt until you’ve found the Book of Death.

    • Cut the barrier tape in the first floor corridor with the knife from the kitchen. The book is north of the tape.

    • Put the book in the right place.

    • Put the book in the library.

    • The shirt is in a wardrobe.

    • Close the wardrobe in the Boudoir.

    • Closing the wardrobe there opens the closet in the hallway west of the library. Go there and take the shirt.

  4. When you put the hat and shirt on the scarecrow, you can examine the toad. He’ll tell you to SAY CROAK in the right place. Find the right place.

  5. You can’t find the right place until you’ve helped Ann and Lou in the Dining Room. (See above.)

  6. When you help Ann and Lou, there’s an empty glass in the Dining Room. Where could you fill it?

  7. Go to the Cellar. From the Dining Room, go west to the Kitchen, west to the Stairwell, and down to the Cellar.



  10. SAY CROAK. You can now go north to Open World.

Escaping Open World

  1. The open-world ocean is a strange loop where going north and south puts you in a loop (sea ice, desert island, raven tower), and going east/west puts you in a different loop (wooded island, wave, raven tower).

  2. You can get stuck in the desert. The desert is also a strange loop, but if you go east/west you’ll find an oasis. You can go DOWN into the oasis, then go NORTH to return to the open-world ocean.

  3. You can leave open world via the wooded island.


  5. CLOSE EYES in the wooded island.

Polar Bear at Sea Ice

  1. From the starting room at the front of the mansion, go east and up, and examine the hole.

  2. You’ll need to wear something to protect yourself from the bees.

  3. You found it helping the Scarecrow at the Edge of the Pond. (See above.)

  4. Wear the safety glove. Then you can take the honey and bring it to the polar bear.

Mermaid in Conservatory

  1. You can’t help the mermaid until you’ve helped the Toad at the Edge of the Pond and escaped Open World. (See above.)

  2. The mermaid wants music. There’s music in the Music Room, NORTH and EAST from the Conservatory.


  4. There’s a magic wand on the wooded island in open world. WAVE WAND.

  5. Once you wave the wand, you can EXAMINE MERMAID to help her.

Computer in Library

  1. You can’t fix the computer until you help the Mermaid in the Conservatory. (See above.)

  2. EXAMINE SIGN in the Stairwell west of the Kitchen.

  3. The sign is written in chalk.

  4. RUB SIGN. (You’ll need a rag.)

    • Where do I find a rag?

      1. It’s only two rooms away from the Stairwell sign.

      2. It’s in the Resting Room, north of the Kitchen.



  6. From the ground floor Stairwell, you can GO UP to the second Stairwell and GO EAST. (And you can GO WEST from the Attic.)

  7. You need to insert something into the mirror. It’s just lying around.

  8. Return to the Music Room after helping the Mermaid. There’s a piece of the mirror there.


  10. There’s something locked that you can unlock with that key.

  11. It’s near the start of the game.

  12. UNLOCK BOX in the starting location at the front of the mansion. You’ll find a floppy disk.

  13. INSERT DISK in the library, then TURN ON COMPUTER.

Alien in the Flying Saucer

  1. You can’t find the alien until you fix the Armours in the Armour room and the Computer in the Library. (See above.)

  2. First you’ll need to find the alien in outer space.

    • Where is the alien?

      1. GO WEST from the Attic and SET CLOCK.

      2. The moon is at the Top of the Tree, one step east and two steps up from the starting room.

      3. To get there, you’ll have to remove the plank in the first floor bedroom. You need a wood saw for that.

      4. Something else in the game looks like a wood saw when you examine it.

      5. The plant in the Conservatory looks like a wood saw.

      6. GIVE SPIDER to the plant and you’ll have a wood saw. CUT PLANK to get the plank and ENTER the guest room.

      7. This is a good place to SLEEP.


      9. GET BROOMSTICK and SIT THRONE in Raven Tower.

      10. RIDE BROOMSTICK at Top of the Tree after setting the clock to fly to the moon.

      11. Like open world, orbit is a loop. From the top of the tree, go north four times and down to find and enter the saucer.

  3. The alien wants a blue ghost. You’ve seen that in the mansion.

  4. The ghost is in the arcade machine, north of the Hall of Mirrors, north of the Armour room.

  5. You’ve been carrying around the item you need since the start of the game.


  7. Wander around the map randomly. When you find ghosts, eat them by name: EAT AKABEI. EAT GUZUTA. EAT PINKY.

  8. The blue ghost has escaped towards the garden. There’s a hint about the garden nearby in the mansion.

  9. EXAMINE WATERCOLOR in the Hallway, down from the Armours room.

  10. From the starting room, GO WEST and GO NORTH to the nook of the garden.

  11. GO EAST to find room, Front of the Storeroom. GET GHOST and return to the Alien.


  1. You can’t satisfy the witch until you help the Alien. (See above.)

  2. The witch is on the wooded island. Go to her.

  3. You got the eyes playing the arcade game, and the heart when you returned to the alien with the ghost.

Cook in the Kitchen

  1. You can’t help the cook until you help the Witch. (See above.)

  2. You have the broth from the Witch. You need the pigeon and wood.

    • Where’s the pigeon?

      1. The pigeon is in a very high place in the mansion.

      2. It’s upstairs from the Attic.

      3. GET LADDER at the foot of the tall tree, east of the starting room, then DROP LADDER in the Attic and GO UP.

      4. The pigeon is above the Roof.

      5. PUSH CHAIR. GO UP.

      6. GET PIGEON.


    • Where’s the wood?

      1. You already have it.

      2. It’s the plank.

  3. Unlike in most of your encounters, you’ll need to explicitly GIVE the items to the cook. GIVE PIGEON. GIVE BROTH. GIVE PLANK.

Octopus in the Wreck

  1. You can’t find the octopus until you help the Cook. (See above.)

  2. The cook started a fire when he left.

  3. GET CANDLE in the First Floor room, UP from the Foyer.

  4. LIGHT CANDLE in the Kitchen after helping the cook.

  5. Find something else to light with it.

  6. LIGHT CANNON in the Far End of the Garden, two steps east from the starting room at the front of the mansion.

  7. Now there’s a wreck in the ocean.

  8. Return to open world to find it.

  9. Go west from the open-world ocean to find the wave, then go down and enter the wreck.

  10. The octopus wants a necklace, which you should have gotten by sitting in the throne in Raven Tower, next to the broomstick.

Elderly Pirate in the Hall of Mirrors

  1. You can’t help the elderly pirate until you help the Octopus. (See above.)

  2. The octopus gave you the treasure map. Return to the elderly pirate and GIVE MAP.

The Last Ghost (when SCORE says 12 out of 13 ghosts)

  1. Save now! There are two ways out of this game, the happy ending and the unhappy ending.

    • Unhappy ending

      1. You were told to go somewhere when you’d helped 12 out of 13 ghosts.

      2. Return to the Dead Room, behind the barrier tape, where you found the Book of the Dead. It’s UP from the Foyer, West, and North.

    • Happy ending

      1. The happy ending is south of the mansion, right at the start of the game.

      2. EXAMINE GATE. It’s computer controlled.

      3. TURN ON COMPUTER in the Library, and type in the code.

      4. Type HELLO. The gate is now open.

      5. The cop says you can’t get past until you’ve helped 13 out of 13 ghosts.

      6. The cop is the last ghost. You can go to him when you’ve helped 12 out of 13 ghosts to get the happy ending.


Good work, I’ll check it all out!
At a glance, a place south of Front is missing on the map, and also the octopus (entering the wreck).

I’m sorry but I’m still working on the game, and there will be some changes.

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Changes that I’d suggest:

  1. In the Armours room, list two armours in “Interact with”, one of which is a ghost and talks, and the other you can wear.
  2. The portraits in the corridor are kinda buggy. For some reason, you can’t leave the corridors unless you put the portraits back exactly the right way. You also can’t pick up Lou’s portrait first.
  3. You have to SWIM at the water oasis in the desert to escape the desert. That makes no sense to me. At a minimum, there should be a listed exit “down” or “enter” in the desert, to enter the oasis.
  4. None of the verbs to activate the computer are listed in the list of VERBS. The code says you can turn computer; switch computer; access computer; start computer but none of those verbs are on the list. I suggest when you examine the computer it should say “there’s a button to turn it on” and players could then PUSH BUTTON.
  5. The SET CLOCK command in the secret room west of the Attic makes no sense. I think rather than asking the player to guess the verb there, a clue should be added. “It’s the clock of time and space. You could set it.”
  6. After pushing the chair in the Roof, you should be able to GO UP, and UP should be listed as an exit. Currently you have to CLIMB ROPE.
  7. The fire in the kitchen after helping the cook should be listed as something you can interact with.

Thanks. I’ll take your advice, and make the adjustments.

For the armors and the portraits, how to list and differentiate the two armours, and the two portraits, when I have a verb-noun parser? That’s why I had tinkered with solutions to avoid having to interact with similar objects.
I don’t know how I’m going to do that.

Not being able to reach the ocean directly from the desert felt like being lost in the middle of it, but maybe that’s not a good idea.

For the clock, the verb Set appears in version 1.5.1 in the description: “It’s the clock of time and space, set with respect to International Atomic Time.”; but I can be more explicit.

The cook doesn’t need to leave to have a fire in the fireplace, just give him the plank. I can list the fire, but it is not useful to interact: Light candle.

Perhaps at first the room contains “armours,” but then after you examine the armours there’s a “knight” and “armour” in the room.

For the portraits, consider using synonyms. Perhaps one is a “pastel” and one is a “watercolor.”

Listing the fire is useful because I gave him the plank last (it is the third object the cook asked for) and so I didn’t realize that the fire was still there.

For fire, there are indeed two different images and this is not a good idea! I will correct that.


I wonder if you could submit your map and clues to the solutionarchive website?



I guess I can submit the maps, but how would I submit these Invisiclues as a file? If they’re plain text then it would be too easy to accidentally read a spoiler.

You could base64 them in a hints file (I did this here):

Any kind of (declared) encoding should be fine I would imagine.

I submitted it as rot13, and I’ve updated the clues here to reflect the latest version of the game.

Very cool. Feel free to submit it to the same site. They accept multiple maps (and solutions) for the same game.