OS X Inform 7 Glulx sound

Hey all.

I know Inform 7 on OS X doesn’t play sounds in Glulx projects via the in-app terp, unlike the Windows version. I was wondering if anyone knew a way to make that happen. I am working on a game that uses sounds for ambience and puzzles, and being able to hear the sounds when testing in Inform would really be optimal. While I can compile the project and run it via Gargoyle to hear sounds, or run using Git to see where sounds would play (in text, i.e. [sound 7 would play here], it seems odd that there is such a disparity in features between OS X and Windows.

Would there be a way to compile from source and enable sounds? Replace the Glulxe terp? Or is there a deeper reason this doesn’t work, and therefore I will simply have to live with it?


There’s no deep reason except that the CocoaGlk library contains no code to push audio data to the MacOS sound API. If somebody writes that, the Inform IDE (and Zoom) could be recompiled.

Ah, thanks for the answer. I seriously doubt I’ll be adding any code to CocoaGlk, so for now I’ll just compile and run the code via Gargoyle. Thanks again!