Original Infocom logo?

Somewhere I swear I’ve seen a photo of Infocom’s first logo, the one they used before they even decided to be a game company. It wasn’t very interesting, but I am trying to find it and now I can’t remember where I saw it.

Anybody know?

It’s not in Digital Antiquarian’s posts about that period. It’s not in the “barbarian Zork” manual. (That has no logo for Infocom at all, just the words “Infocom Inc.” in plain text.) By the time the folio packages appeared, they were using the familiar worm-style logo.


I found some here.


Yeah, that first is the one I was thinking of! Thank you.

Turns out I saw it on Mobygames: Infocom, Inc. Logos - MobyGames

But those other prototypes are new to me, pretty sure.


That Doteaters page says the original source is the Infocom Cabinet at Archive.org, but I have not managed to locate the actual link.

This is the Infocom Cabinet, but it seems unlikely I need to tell you that.

I’ve happened upon the first logo here (under “Miscellaneous Office Artifacts”). [edit:] And the others are on subsequent pages of the same document.


There you go! I tried a couple of “Miscellaneous” links in that collection but missed that one.

Thanks again.


ISTR that some years ago I passed here the link to the Infocom Cabinet, I remember well or not ?

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