Organizing Coverage

With last year’s IFcomp, there was an effort to make sure every entry got at least one review.

I don’t think any of us have the superhuman ability to play and think coherently about more than 100 entries on our own, but it would be nice to attempt something similar this year.

The “personal shuffle” option will give me a random assortment, but I’ve got a problem: I playtested and proofread some of these entries.

Is anyone else in a similar situation? Are there other playtesters out there who are interested in an exchange, where I look at the ones you tested, and you look at the ones I checked?


I remember someone setting up an awesome spreadsheet that tracked both ones we’ve reviewed and ones reviewed by others. Who was that? And would you be interested in doing it again? I’m sure it’s a pain in the behind.

Last year’s spreadsheet was started by @VictorGijsbers, and then other people added some kind of arcane wizardry to scrape new reviews and add them. I know that replicating it is beyond my skills.

I believe they were all added in by hand, were they not?

Maybe? I read this and I had no idea what it meant.

So really, I should be begging @aschultz to explain it.

Oh, yeah! The spreadsheet automatically showed a list of the latest reviews that were added to it. Pretty useful to keep track of new reviews. But all the review links still had to be added in by hand; there was just another place in the spreadsheet that automatically showed you the latest additions. (No idea how that worked!)

Do we really need those fancy features like newest reviews? It’s a cool feature but it’s more important to just have a public review list again (where everyone adds their reviews on their own) with automatic counters imo. That should be enough to solve the problem mentioned in the first post of underreviewd games.

Edit: Looks like I found the “copy spreadsheet” option, so if nobody else wants to start with this I could post a public spreadsheet to my lazy copied and cleaned up version in a few hours (hopefully). It should also include the script code of the fancy “latest reviews” list.


@JimB, that would be awesome. Do you mean it would take you a few hours – or just that you’d be able to post it in a few hours? We could all at least add the rows for our games.

The most work seems to be updating the game list, which I just started to copy over by hand. If that is finished I post the link here. I thought that’s the best way to do it.
(By the way who added so many empty sheets? :face_with_monocle: I hope that’s just useless stuff and I didn’t delete some necessary background stuff for the script magic)

Ok, here the link to let other people check the new refreshed sheet themselves before I will probably copy the announcement post from last year and put it in its own thread (if everything is ok with it).

I hopefully didn’t forget any game while adding the titles (quotation marks had to be sacrificed on the way else the “latest review” list on the bottom shows “#ERROR”). I also changed the important values in the script code so that should work too.

Wow, that’s great. Thanks for doing that work!

I liked having them. My intent with adding rows to the spreadsheet was that they’d be easily copy-and-pasteable. If they aren’t, I suppose I could poke around and try to add the feature again.

My main intent in doing this was so that people would be able to see if anything new had been added and, if so, what.

Glad some of the spreadsheet could be moved forward to 2020!

Actually all of last year’s spreadsheet features are included in my 2020 version now, since I copied the old one and updated the game list and the nrs in the script code. So all of your cool features should still be there (and still working, except a problem with game titles including quotation marks).


Wow, glad my code was stable enough, and thanks for porting things over! Your work is appreciated. We authors do check more than we probably need to.

If anyone has ideas for future features, drop them in here. We may not be able to do anything with them, but we can try.

I gave the sheet its own thread since I thought the link is a bit lost in here, but since you mentioned dropping future features here I put this post in this thread.

Quotation marks in game titles break your “latest review” code (#Error appears in the list), so my first solution was to remove them in the game titles. Someone obviously had to correct the game titles back, so I added a line to the script that removes quotation marks from the game titles after reading out the cell (I hope that works).

  var the_work = workNameCell.getValue();
  the_work = the_work.replace(/\"+/g,""); // remove quotation marks to not break further string processing

While I worked on this I noticed that the game titles surrounded with quotation marks are the only ones that add “by $author” at the end. Are these the inteded game titles or a bug on the IFComp site? This pattern looks too suspicious. :face_with_monocle:

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