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Is there a version newer than 3/150410? It doesn’t give compile errors, but the default behavior isn’t restored - items in a room aren’t listed, for instance.

Can you give an example of what’s going wrong, exactly? At the end of the included example in the documentation, it does say

which seems right. Though it seems like the example deals mostly with describing what’s on scenery supporters, which is something whose default behavior has changed over time–I guess if the default behavior has changed the extension wouldn’t reflect that.

All I get is:

I’ll mention that what I’m trying to accomplish could be better handled by Mentioned in Room Description, but that hasn’t been updated in a very, very long time and throws errors when compiling.

Odd. Maybe we have different versions of some of the extensions? Are you using Inform 6M62?

Also, in 6M62, it looks to me like the behavior of Mentioned in Room Description is built in. If I put a bracketed name in the room name:

[code]Quarry is a room. The printed name of Quarry is “Quarry[if a stone is in the Quarry] of [list of stones in the Quarry]”.

A stone is a kind of thing. Some quartz and some schist are stones. The player carries the quartz and schist.

Test me with “l/drop quartz/l”.[/code]

or the description:

[code]The Catskills is a room. “Here is a lovely, secluded fold in the mountains, far from civilization[if Rip Van Winkle is asleep in the location]: as though to prove it, [Rip Van Winkle] is sleeping under a tree[end if].”

Rip Van Winkle is a man in the Catskills. Rip Van Winkle can be asleep or awake. Rip Van Winkle is asleep. “Rip Van Winkle [if Rip is asleep]sleeps nearby[otherwise]stands here, looking mightily confused[end if].”

After jumping when Rip Van Winkle is asleep in the location:
say “You startle Rip Van Winkle awake!”;
now Rip Van Winkle is awake.

test me with “l/jump/l”.[/code]

then it doesn’t show up in a you-can-see or initial appearance paragraph.

I am using 6M62 as well, though I did switch to an updated version of Room Description Control. Anyway, thanks for pointing out that behavior. Never knew it was included. That seems to do everything I want.

While we’re on the subject…
Let’s say I this

How would I list the contents of the bowl?

The Mentioned in Room Description documentation actually has a workaround for that. So the documentation is still helpful even if the extension is obsolete!

Before printing the locale description of the grotto: now the bowl is unmentioned.

(Funny thing–I searched for “Mentioned in Room Description” and the third hit was something that said “In the room description it wasn’t mentioned but…” and I was thinking “Yeah it’s annoying when you have to interact with undescribed objects” and then I realized it was a hotel review.)

That technically works, but it’s no different from not using the brackets in the first place. What I ended up doing instead was