Options for images in glulx with Inform v10

I’m looking into adding some images to my I7 v10 WIP, in a style similar to what I might achieve with Flexible Windows, which doesn’t seem to be available for v10. Are there any options other than FW for displaying images in “flexible” locations on the screen?

(I kinda thought I saw another post about this recently, but I can’t find it. If you know of one, please redirect me there.)

I could conceivably fall back to 9.3, if I can figure out how to migrate one of my v10 extensions to v9.3. I’d rather not do that.

This was the thread, though I left with a to-do (look at the extension and poke around) and haven’t touched it yet. So there isn’t much there.

I was concerned with finding an ideal image resolution for in-game art, and flexible windows seemed to do some scaling that Inform 7 doesn’t do natively.

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That’s the one. Somehow I couldn’t find it in search. Internetting is hard.

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Also: my memory must be shot to forget a thread less than 1 day old.

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However, I’m still in pain and searching for a solution. Got lots of great images, working on a great game, and no way to put them together.

How’s your Inform 6? You could implement it all in I6 yourself.

Otherwise if you want/need more advanced multimedia or Glk features then you should stick with 6M62. Better Glk support will be coming to Inform 10, but it will take a while.

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My I6 is virtually non-existent. As to using 6M62, I’ve run into another brick wall that I’ve detailed in Threaded Conversation in 6M62, a.k.a. Dependency Hell