Optional Autcorrect (Adv3Lite)

I know @johnnywz00 accomplished this in Adv3, but I’m wondering if there’s a way to make input autocorrect optional in Adv3Lite. I’m not looking to completely remove it, but I want to have it default to disabled, and allow the player to turn it back on with the TYPO command, like in the Prince Quisbourne game.

Whenever I get feedback from testers, the autocorrect seems to be the biggest pet peeve, and I get the feeling that people automatically assume that “this is just how TADS works”, so I would like to join Ziegler in demonstrating through example that this, too, can be controlled by a TADS 3 gamedev, because the entire language and its libraries are infinitely-customizable and flexible, even down to the fundamentals.

I’ve learned—after marveling at Quisbourne—that Adv3 certainly handles a number of things differently than Adv3Lite, so I’m guessing this question would be better-asked to the wider TADS community, because I’m guessing that if Ziegler pointed out what he altered to get this working, then I would fail to find the same spot in the Adv3Lite library.


I got dinged a bit for the same thing when I was beta testing Cain, and so I added a spell-check option.

Auto-spelling is controlled with Parser.autoSpell. Your TYPO command should toggle or change that.

And that’s it. That’ll turn it on and off.

(If you want a full code listing of how I did it, just let me know.)


Oh, wow. I, uh… was not expecting something so simple. :sweat_smile:

Excellent! Thank you!

Just to confirm: This is a boolean property, right?

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Yes, it’s boolean.