Open question to zarf (but chime in if you want to)

Hey there. Sorry about this, but zarf doesn’t seem to respond to my PM - and I’ve sent him PMs about HL in the past that he hasn’t replied to either. I’m assuming he isn’t seeing my PMs, so zarf, sorry about this but I had no other way of getting in touch with you.

It’s about Icebreaker. I was able to track down a copy of your IF version (which looks really cool), but I understand there’s some issues about the legalities of distributing it. Therefore, I was wondering whether it was OK to add your IF version to my online collection. It’s legally a muddy area, I know, but I wouldn’t want your game to vanish completely. I also wouldn’t want IFers not to be able to play another zarf game, especially the one that you label on your site as “the lost zarf game” - that just adds to the hype! I also don’t want to break the law, though.

Any input you could give me would be welcome - am I free to include Icebreaker.z5 to my publicly-available online collection? Or should I just keep it to myself?


I spent quite a while looking for it years ago without success. I hear that it recently became available to a certain tier of Hadean Land backers, dramatically boosting the number of copies in circulation.

Well, that would make it somewhat exclusive and would strengthen the case against sharing it…

Yeah, I still think of it as an exclusive which people should have to work to track down.

(Only because it’s so minor, so everyone else isn’t really missing out on much…)

Contacting me by email is best, by the way. I tend to ignore forum messages.

Right-o, thanks - I’ll keep it off the web, then.

And thanks for the note about the e-mail, duly noted!